The Origin of Cute Creepy Cyberpunk

The Origin of Cute Creepy Cyberpunk

Pastel goth aesthetics is the gateway genre that got me into fashion, and what I create today. Growing up whenever I wanted to find more T-shirts to wear (as I am a comfy pants and t-shirt kind of person) I found that the shirts available to me were always.. just to the left of what I wanted. Skull shirt? Looks cool but it's a bit on the grittier side for me. Pastels? Meh, they were fine but a bit boring to me. I needed something in the middle, something colorful but still had an edge, an air of mystery. It was a few years before I realized hey- I'm an artist! If I can't find the kinds of designs I like I can just make them myself! And at first it failed miserably. I new nothing of designing specifically for shirts, I didn't know Print on demand existed, and so I waited a few more years to take a whack at it again. And boy did I take one hell of a whack! The first design to pop off was the Triple pink creepy eyes t-shirt! Pastel goth pink clothing 

I was so surprised that this design went off as hard as it did! The design came into fruition after a long day scrapping a bunch of designs that were more "selling worthy." The mental burnout was intense, and I just wanted to draw something fun. Y'know what's fun? Eyes. A bunch of weird, creepy and cool eyes. After that the previous shop just went on from there, I went from 60 sales in 2 years to Over 70 in a month. That's when I knew I could turn this into a business doing something I really love, but all good things have their balance of misfortune as well. There were slow weeks where I felt like I was doing something wrong, numerous following of leads that led to a dead end, and a LOT of all nighters folks. As much as I would love to say it was easy, I can't. Making the shop however, was worth it every step of the way. The second big event was when my little baby shop had a shirt featured on the Legendary Critical Role!

 Green goth eyeball shirt critical role

I was shocked to see someone actually WEARING the shirt. Much less someone as cool as the executive goth! Deep in my brain I knew people were out there, walking around and wearing what they bought but I rarely get to see it. That was a sudden snap into reality where I truly saw the potential of what I can make this shop to be. A brand new up and comer clothing brand that breaks through the usual designs and sizes available in the Pastel goth - kawaii goth - gothic genres. The current time is July 10th, 2021. I wonder where this shop and I will go by the end of the year- stay tuned to find out. 

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